Сейчас строим - 696 174 м2
Сейчас строим - 696 174 м2 +7 (861) 258-36-61
Warehouse complexes and distribution centers

Fruit and fruit storageJSC “Garden Giant”

Fruit storage with a capacity of 54, 4 thousand tons of fruits of one-time storage with a processing department, which will optimize the logistics and storage of the entire volume of production of JSC Garden Giant. It will be the largest fruit storage facility in Europe with the most modern storage and processing technologies. It provides 2 refrigeration chambers, sorting and packaging lines. Special containers will be used to store apples. Total area of ​ ​ the bookmark: 37,000 square meters.

start of construction: November 2019;
planned completion of construction: 3rd quarter 2021;
total area of ​ ​ the bookmark: 37,000 sq.m.;

Types of works

The entire complex of civil and finishing works “turnkey” in accordance with the Customer’s terms of reference, including:
installation of utilities;
arrangement of roof covering;

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