Сейчас строим - 696 174 м2
Сейчас строим - 696 174 м2 +7 (861) 258-36-61
Warehouse complexes and distribution centers

Ozon Nevinnomyssk Logistics Center

The logistics warehouse complex is designed for storage and sorting of consumer goods, food and their configuration for sending to customers of the Internet trade network Озон.ру. The total area of ​ ​ the warehouse building: 92,400 square meters.

Object data:

Start of construction: Q1 2022

Completion: Q1 2024

The total area of ​ ​ the building: 92,400 square meters;

including a shelf mezzanine;
pallet storage area;
sorting, packing and shipping area.

Types of works

The entire complex of civil and finishing works “turnkey” in accordance with the Customer’s terms of reference, including:

Installation of utilities;
Arrangement of roofing;

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