Сейчас строим - 696 174 м2
Сейчас строим - 696 174 м2 +7 (861) 258-36-61
Medical complexes

Medical and Diagnostic Center (15/1 Congress St.)

Ekaterininskaya Clinic at Congress is a multidisciplinary center for the whole family, which plans to receive about 50,000 patients a year. The area of ​ ​ the clinic is more than 3000 sq.m.
Patients will have access to the entire line of laboratory tests – there are more than 3,000 of them in total; the clinic provides a fence point and a native laboratory for the most important and urgent studies.

In addition to analyzes, other types of high-precision diagnostics will be available – hardware and instrumental, namely CT, X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy (including gastro- and colonoscopy “in a dream”).
Patients will be able to get an advisory appointment with doctors of more than 30 specialties. Among them: therapists, pediatricians, ENT specialists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists, urologists, neurologists, orthopedic traumatologists, cardiologists, hematologists, gastroenterologists, coloproctologists, rheumatologists, as well as surgeons – adults and children.
The center is equipped with a comfortable day hospital. It will be able to accommodate patients who need medical manipulations or outpatient surgical treatment.
In the clinic, it is possible to carry out laser interventions, as well as minimally invasive operations that do not require round-the-clock supervision of doctors in the early period of rehabilitation.
There is a pharmacy in the clinic building.

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